Evaluative meanings: Theoretical and computational perspectives

Workshop at DGfS 2018, University of Stuttgart, 7-9 March 2018

Valentina Bianchi (University of Siena)
Patrick Georg Grosz (University of Oslo)

Invited speakers:
Andrea Beltrama (Universität Konstanz)
Farah Benamara (IRIT-Université de Toulouse)

Interest in the encoding of evaluative meanings has significantly increased in recent years, both in theoretical and in computationally oriented research. Much recent research in formal linguistics (in particular, but not exclusively, semantics and syntax) has turned towards topics such as evaluativity (e.g. Grosz 2012, Bianchi et al. 2016), subjectivity (e.g. Lasersohn 2005, Beltrama 2017) and expressivity (Potts 2007, Constant et al. 2009). In parallel, computational linguistics has given rise to fields such as sentiment analysis, which explicitly aim at the computational investigation of evaluative phenomena. While theoretical and computational approaches have largely been pursued in parallel, recent discussions such as Benamara et al. (2017) highlight the importance of an interdisciplinary discourse between the two fields.

The aims of the workshop are to address current issues in the investigation of evaluativity within formal semantics and syntax, and at the same time, to allow for cross-fertilization with computational linguistic research.


Call for Papers


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